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The notebook for creativity!

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Expand your imagination.

FA VO notebook was created as a platform to serve the mind and needs of people and their creativity. A simple and elegant design for an analogue canvas, allows you to expand all your thoughts and imagination without restrictions.

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The Perfect Companion!

FA VO notebook is the perfect companion for your daily creative work. With the proliferation of technological devices all around us, the analogue notebook is an indispensable tool allowing you to quickly and immediately take notes and express your ideas.  

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Made from 100% recycled fibres. The Environment says: Thank you!

During the design process, we thought many times what it would mean to use only 100% recycled materials in this product. For us, it´s more than just a concept, it´s doing it right, contributing for a better environment. Learn more >

In our notebooks you will find a smooth high quality recycled paper, with a soft neutral tone, perfect for all types of writing or sketching. The paper is 100 gsm which makes it more resistant and more opaque. 

The cover is made from a high quality 350 gsm recycled sheet, allowing the notebook to be lighter, durable and flexible.

All materials used are manufactured to the most stringent environmental certifications.



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Designed from scratch.

The main principle for the design, involves the use of high quality environmental friendly materials, and understanding how these could define the functionality and aesthetics of the notebook. The combination of simple elements like texture, colour and proportion is the source of this product. 

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4 Amazing colours!

FA VO Notebook is available in 4 different colours. These are inspired by our use of 100% recycled fibres that include by-products such as olives, almonds, coffee and other eco-friendly materials.

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Carefully detailed.

Round corners for a smooth tactile transition between pages and a minimal back engraving identify the notebook. A high quality, visible perfect bind, keeps everything together while allowing for a effortless 100% flat opening. 


Notebook Features


The notebook for Creativity!