Environmental Responsibility

Contribute for a better Planet.

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Quality Materials, Suppliers and Manufacturers.

In our products we use the highest quality recycled materials available on the market. We carefully select materials, suppliers and manufacturers that have the highest environmental standards, awards, certifications and public recognition. So when you purchase our products you are definitely contributing for a better Environment and Planet. Certificates and awards below.


Get our notebooks and help the environment.

How our actions impact our Planet is a great deal for us and we strongly believe it should be for everyone.

Our aim is to help Earth and influence others to do the same.

For that reason, when you purchase our notebooks, you are contributing directly for the planting of new trees and the increase of environmental sustainability and awareness. More details below.

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1. Buy a notebook made of high quality recycled materials (not trees).

2. A percentage goes directly to our environmental partners.

3. We give back to the environment by taking care of existing and new trees. 

Contribute for a better Planet.