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Design Process

Strong Ideals. Elegant Design.

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Quality, simplicity and elegance.

Our team takes the development of product design very seriously and its main objective is to find the best solutions throughout the creative process. FA VO started from a passion for the design of environmentally sustainable products and the creation of everyday objects that reflect quality, simplicity and elegance, at a fair price.


"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein

Our design process is based on clear principles to obtain the best answers to problems and possibilities that arise during the act of design. It all begins with imagination, an idea, with an aim, and from there we begin to use all the principles, tools and techniques to turn ideas into something real.

 At the heart of all the ideas of our creative team is the basic principle / concept of creating products that are environmentally sustainable and that seek to make Earth a better place. We genuinely believe that this is the way forward.

To this end, it is essential for us to use materials produced with the highest quality standards and recycled raw materials that avoid aggressive processes with nature. All the raw materials used in our products are accredited, awarded and certified and highly recyclable to obtain a better planet and environment for everyone.

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"What works good is better than what looks good, because what works good lasts." Charles /Ray Eames

Functionality, simplicity and elegance are always in the genesis of the design of all our products. Since the beginning, we tried to design with the highest degree of functionality in mind, so that the experience of using our products is as efficient and simple as possible. Even though we take into consideration the appearance and attention to detail of our products, we strive to define everyday objects that are functional and last long.

Behind the apparent simplicity of all details, is a long creative process that defines and enhances the solutions found to meet specific needs. The details define our products and are the very genesis of its functionality, simplicity and elegance.         


Thoughts, Sketches and Prototypes

To all the creative and conceptual principles presented above, we combine tools and techniques that allow us to design our products more effectively and sustainably each time. The basic creative tools for us are sketching, 2D / 3D visualisation tools, brainstorming sessions, references (e.g. images, quotes, products, designers), mock ups and constant prototype testing.  

This last point is of the highest relevance to us, and is perhaps the most important. Prototyping allows us to work and collaborate directly with the manufacturing process and quickly test and improve our products, as well as cementing relationships of great confidence with our suppliers and producers.   

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"Objects and their manufacture are inseparable." Jonathan Ive


    We seek to integrate into our products companies and manufacturers accredited and of great quality that share the ideals and principles of FA VO. Manufacturing is perhaps the most important agent of the creative process and, in most cases, the biggest environmental polluter. We are very concerned about the relationship we have with our suppliers and we evaluate, with responsibility, the environmental impact (CO2 footprint) of the production, transportation and packaging of our products.    

At FA VO we aim to create the best products which integrate the principles outlined above. For us, design is not only the visible end result, but the whole story, all the advances and setbacks, the decisions made, the concept which defines details, manufacturing, marketing and finally, the customer experience.      


Strong Ideals. Elegant Design.